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    Alfred Hitchcock’s famous movie posters as gifs


  2. I haven’t been this infatuated with a band in a long time. So badass. Must see them live! Soon! #whitelung

  3. We waste about one third of all the food produced in the world. Bees are dying, monocultures are dominating agriculture, knowledge gets lost, many people eat alone and don’t know how to cook any more. Kids don’t see food growing any more. Our supply of phosphates - an essential ingredient for artificial fertilisers - is running out and without it we might not be able to feed the growing world population. Chicken in intensive farms get more antibiotics than needy children in developing countries. Oceans are damaged, fresh water supplies are getting short, oil is running out.

    Fortunately we also see a big group of young people getting into action and trying to find different ways to change the food chain and to change our perception to food. I could even say that there might be a food revolution coming up. And we need one.

  4. I love new record day! #listenrecords #whitelung #flaminglips #vinyl

    I love new record day! #listenrecords #whitelung #flaminglips #vinyl

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Something I always remind myself…




    Something I always remind myself…


  6. ☛ I Was Promised Flying Cars


    Adam Frank:

    For all the power of modern science, we are masters of only one of these forces: electromagnetism. Laptops, smartphones, wirelessly connected thermostats, Google Glass — all our high-tech miracles exist because we’ve learned to control the electromagnetic force at the subtlest of levels. We routinely nudge electrons around circuits with the precision of an atomic watchmaker and coerce light to do our bidding with the barest of whispers. When it comes to electromagnetism, we have powers that are almost godlike.

    With the other three, we’re not even close. Consider nuclear power plants. Yes, they rely on our remarkable knowledge of the strong and weak nuclear forces. But when all is said and done they simply use the heat generated by splitting atomic nuclei to boil water, which then spins turbines, which then generate electricity. That’s not so different from a 19th-century steam engine. Compared with the precision of an electron microscope (or even a grocery-store laser scanner), our handling of nuclear forces is still at the level of slamming rocks together.

    The same is true of gravity. Obviously, we can make a plane fly by forcing air to flow over a wing, which generates the pressure to lift it off the ground. But the interaction of those air molecules is a result of electromagnetic forces. And the fuel we use to power planes (and blow rockets off the planet) is a result of our understanding of chemistry, which again is a matter of electromagnetism.

    It is sort of crazy that our mastery only extends to one of the four forces. Bring on anti-gravity already!

  7. ☛ This DIY Patio Table Sports a Built-in Drink Cooler

    Spruce up your deck with a clever DIY patio table that also keeps drinks cool and within arms reach.

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Drone Survival Guide
  9. Love me some madlib

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    The only accurate way to report that 1 out of 4 Americans are skeptical of global warming is to say: A poll finds that 1 out of 4 Americans are wrong about something.

    (via theashleyclements)

  11. The One and Only Jesus Dread (FOTW Yabby You Mixdown) by Midnight Raver Blog on Mixcloud

  12. Savages - “Fuckers” (by SAVAGESBANDLONDON)

    Fucking love this band.